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Burglary and Robbery

Hudson Valley, New York Burglary & Robbery Criminal Defense Attorneys-serving Orange, Ulster, Dutcess & Sullivan counties
Sometimes, small decisions that people make in a split second can lead to potential serious consequences. If you face charges of burglary or robbery, the smartest plan is to work with the experienced criminal defense lawyers at the Hudson Valley law offices of Silver & Lesser, P.C.
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Theft Crimes
We represent people accused of wide range of theft crimes including burglary and robbery:
•    Burglary: burglary charges allege breaking and entering any building with the intent to commit a felony inside
•    Robbery: robbery charges allege the illegal taking of property from a person using violence or intimidation
Criminal Trial Lawyers who Know the Courtroom
Sol Lesser at Silver & Lesser, P.C. is no stranger to the courtroom. Attorney Sol Lesser is a former Orange County Executive assistant district attorney and former  Deputy director of the Sullivan County Legal Aid Society, who started his career defending and prosecuting a full range of crimes, from simple misdemeanors to the most complex felonies throughout Orange, Dutchess, Ulster, Sullivan and Westchester counties. He has also tried federal criminal matters in Broome County and handled many others in Northern, Southern and Eastern District Federal Courts in New York State.
This experience has given him an insider’s perspective that he uses to help criminal defense clients achieve the best possible results. When you have been arrested for burglary or robbery, he knows every element of the case that prosecutors must prove. He knows when police have overstepped their boundaries. He knows when to push for a fight in court, and when a negotiated plea is the best choice.

Barry Silver developed a reputation based on results as one of the finest Criminal Defense Attorneys in the Hudson Valley. Le Barry and Sol put their experience to work for you.
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