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Cocaine Possession

New Windsor Cocaine Possession Defense Lawyers
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If you have been charged with possession, intent to distribute or trafficking in cocaine, you are facing charges with very serious consequences. Depending on the specifics of your case, you could be charged with state and federal crimes. Now this is the time for experienced, aggressive criminal defense.
Silver & Lesser, P.C., has a team of criminal defense lawyers who are all former Orange County assistant district attorneys. With this experience, we can anticipate and counter the prosecution’s case against you. Our thorough investigation of each case also helps build strong defense strategies.
We Strive to Keep Clients Out of Jail
For people who are struggling with drug addiction, we can argue for options such as diversionary programs, drug court, or SHOCK incarceration. We are often able to work out a disposition with a rehabilitation program that does not require incarceration. The revised Rockefeller Drug Law sentencing guidelines allow more flexibility in dealing with nonviolent offenders. Successfully completing one of these programs will allow you to have the felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor.
Timely investigation of the circumstances of your arrest is critical to your defense.  Using investigators who are former police officers, we will investigate the circumstances of your arrest. We will determine whether there was probable cause to stop you and whether the search and seizure was legal. We will also investigate any drug test you were given and may challenge the results. If the police violated your constitutional rights, we can argue for reduced or dismissed charges.
Charges Are Determined by the Amount of Cocaine
The amount of cocaine you are possessing plays a large part in determining the charges and penalties you will face. Being charged for possession with intent to distribute, for example, is largely based on how many grams of cocaine were in your possession when you were arrested. Prior drug convictions are also a consideration.
For federal drug crimes, the base offense levels for cocaine base (crack cocaine) are as follows:
•    A 5 to 40 year prison term for 28 grams of crack or 500 grams of cocaine
•    A 10 year to life in prison term for 280 grams of crack or 5 kilograms of cocaine
•    A 20 year minimum mandatory prison term applies after one prior felony drug conviction
•    A mandatory life term of imprisonment applies after 2 or more prior felony drug convictions
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