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Diversionary Programs

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Over the past few years, diversionary programs involving drug treatment have become a much larger part of the process for dealing with drug charges in New York. If you do not have a history of violent crimes on your record, it may be possible for you to have your case diverted into drug court.
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Resolving Criminal Issues in Drug Court
There are a variety of ways a case can make it into drug court rather than being handled in criminal court. In some cases, a defendant can be admitted into drug court before pleading guilty and then have their charges dismissed after successfully completing the assigned program. Other cases find their way to drug court after a defendant has pleaded guilty. In this situation, a defendant can withdraw the plea and plead guilty to a reduced charge after successfully completing the assigned program.
We work closely with our clients inside and outside of drug court, providing them with frequent updates about their options and with encouragement and support while they go through their program. Our goal is to help you protect your rights and improve your life in the process.
Recent Changes to the Judicial Diversion Program
Courts are now authorized to divert most drug and marijuana offenders with an identified alcohol or substance abuse problem to treatment. The courts may divert drug offenders, including second felony drug offenders, to inpatient or out-patient treatment programs in lieu of prison without consent of the D.A. courts may also order judicial diversion for clients charged with Willard eligible crimes.
Excluded from Diversion eligibility are:
•    Second felony drug offenders with predicated violent offense convictions
•    Clients with a conviction for a merit time ineligible offense within the preceding 10 years
•    Clients with a class A felony drug conviction within the preceding 10 years
•    Clients who have never been adjudicated a second violent felony offender of a persistent violent felony offender
•    Clients currently charged with a violent felony offense, or a merit time ineligible offense, for which imprisonment is mandatory upon conviction
For more information on how these changes to the law could affect your ability to enter a diversion program, it is important to seek the advice of our experienced criminal defense lawyers.
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