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Drug Crimes

Orange County Drug Crimes Lawyers
All drug crime charges, including possession, have the potential to permanently affect your life. Whether you are facing state or federal charges, a conviction can send you to prison and damage your entire future.
At Silver & Lesser, P.C., our criminal defense team is staffed with former Orange County assistant district attorneys. We have the knowledge and experience to defend you against a broad range of drug crimes. Because we know the prosecution’s side of these cases, we understand what it takes to fight back. Additionally, we utilize experienced investigators to determine the fats and help us build strong cases. When possible, we will argue for diversionary programs under the revised Rockefeller Drug Law sentencing guidelines.
Life in Prison is a Possibility
People with prior federal drug convictions may be sentenced to up to life in prison. They will face harsh fines, ranging from $250,000 to $4 million for an individual. Plus, if you are sentenced to a prison in a federal drug crime, you must serve a minimum of 85% of your sentence.
In addition to prison time and fines, the consequences of state or federal drug crime convictions may include:
•    A permanent criminal record
•    Decreased job opportunities
•    Being barred from scholarships and college admission
•    Driver’s license suspension
•    Probation
•    Community service
•    Drug treatment
If you are separated or divorced from your spouse, a drug crime conviction can also affect your ability to maintain a relationship with your children. You may be restricted to supervised visits or your lose your parental rights altogether. If this a concern, our family law attorneys may be able to help you.
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