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Homicide and Assault

Hudson Valley, New York Violent Crime Defense Attorneys
Allegations of violent crime are serious. So, if you or your loved on is facing homicide or assault and battery charges, you need a lawyer who has the courtroom experience to handle your case seriously – helping you achieve the best possible results.
Lawyers at Silver & Lesser, P.C., in New Windsor, New York, have that experience. Our criminal defense attorneys, Barry Silver and Sol Lesser, are no strangers to the courtroom. As experienced criminal defense lawyers they have tried scores of cases to verdict.
Throughout many years of practice, we have handled a wide range of homicide and assault crimes. We continue to meet our clients’ needs, from misdemeanor to serious felony charges:
•    Misdemeanor assault
•    Felony assault
•    Reckless endangerment
•    Attempted murder
•    Manslaughter
•    Vehicular manslaughter / vehicular homicide
•    Murder in the first and second degree
•    Murder for hire
State of Mind
Not every death is a homicide. A conviction for criminal homicide requires some kind of intent to commit the crime. Depending on the specific charge, the prosecutor must prove that you committed the act purposely, knowingly, recklessly or negligently. As experienced criminal defense attorneys, we hold the prosecutors to their burden of proof so that juries and judges can clearly see when the intent just wasn’t there.

Sol Lesser is a former Orange County Executive District Attorney and has been trying major criminal cases since 1976. Barry Silver has representing people charged with crimes in Newburgh and the Hudson Valley since 1964.
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