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Prescription Drug Crime

Prescription Drug Crime Attorneys
You Can be Charged Even if You Have a Prescription
As prescription drug abuse rises, law enforcement is under increased pressure to make arrests and get convictions. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that people who do consider themselves criminals or drug addicted have been charged with a drug crime just for possession too many prescription pills.
The consequences of a drug conviction can affect your life for many years. At Silver, & Lesser, P.C., our goal is to keep you out of jail and get you the help you need. Since the amendments to the sentencing guidelines in the Rockefeller Drug Laws in 2009, there are options such as diversionary programs, drug court and SHOCK incarceration for people charged with drug crimes caused by drug addiction. In many cases, a disposition can be worked out with a rehabilitation program that does not require incarceration. We are also prepared to fight aggressively at trial. Please call us at 845-562-9020 to schedule a consultation.
We Work Hard to get Charges Reduced or Dismissed
As with all drug crimes, investigation of the circumstances of your arrest is critical.  Using investigators who are former police officers, we will investigate the circumstances of your arrest. We will determine whether there was probable cause to stop you and whether the search and seizure was legal. We will also investigate any drug test you were given and may challenge the results. If the police violated your constitutional rights, we can argue for reduced or dismissed charges.
You can be charged with state or federal crimes for criminal possession of a controlled substance such as vicodin and hydrocodone, Percocet, OxyContin, Ritalin, Xanax and Fentanyl. Depending on the amount of drugs you are charged with possessing, the charges may include possession, sales, or trafficking. Penalties for conviction of state drug crimes may include a jail or prison sentence, driver’s license suspension, probation, seizure of property and fines.
Stealing prescription pads and/or forging prescriptions are also common charges in prescription drug cases. These crimes are class D felonies. In addition to representing people who forge prescriptions, we represent physicians and other health care workers who are involved in prescription drug crimes.
Drug trafficking is covered by state and federal laws, so you could also face federal charges. In some cases, prescription drug crimes are charged with other federal crimes such as drug conspiracy, computer crimes, or mail and wire fraud. The penalties for conviction of a federal drug crime depend on the specifics of the offense, but may include a minimum five-year prison sentence, steep fines and probation.
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