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Sex Crimes

Orange County, New York, Rape Lawyers
A sex crime can carry huge consequences. In addition to the possibility of incarceration, a conviction for a sexual offense carries with it a lasting stigma that is reinforced by a registration requirement – guaranteeing that your life will change permanently if convicted.
At Silver & Lesser, P.C., in New Windsor, New York, we try to put our clients in the same exact position they were in the day before their arrest. Our goal is to protect you from a conviction, from the police, from the courts and even from potentially wrong decisions about your case.
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Sex Crimes Require Serious, Experienced Lawyers
Sol Lesser and Barry Silver, our experienced criminal defense lawyers, represent people facing a variety of sex crime charges, including:
•    Computer and internet sex crimes
•    Solicitation of a minor
•    Violent rape
•    Date rape
•    Statutory rape
Because of the seriousness of these charges, it is important to have our experience on your side. Sol Lesser moved to Orange County in the 1970’s, and has achieved “not guilty” verdicts for clients involving significant criminal charges in each of the last four decades. As a former Orange County executive assistant district attorney, he understands these cases from both sides. Barry Silver has had a stellar reputation as a criminal defense attorney for his entire career.
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Many people end up facing sex crime charges because they made an error in judgment. Others are wrongfully accused. We seem to be reading about people being released from New York State Prisons, after having been wronfully convicted. Don't make a mistake in your choice of Attorneys. Barry Silver and Sol Lesser have the court room experience and know how to work for you.