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Bankruptcy and Foreclosure


Protecting your Home From Foreclosure

If your crushing debt is placing your home at risk for foreclosure, you may feel that your situation is hopeless. However, filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy could help you avoid foreclosure and get your debt under control. An experienced attorney can help you explore your options.

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Saving your Home through Bankruptcy

As soon as you file for bankruptcy, an automatic stay will go into effect, immediately stopping foreclosure proceedings as well as other collections activities and the garnishment of your wages. While chapter 7 bankruptcy could buy you time to sell your home, Chapter 13 is the best option for homeowners who want to keep their home during and after bankruptcy.

If you have the income to qualify for Chapter 13, you will enter into a repayment plan that lasts between three to five years. The reorganization of your debt under this plan will allow you to repay your debt, including delinquent mortgage payments, allowing you to stay in your home and get your finances back on track.

After our consultation, it may be clear that bankruptcy is not the best choice for your situation. If that is the case, we can help you explore loan modification or mortgage modification.

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