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Non-Dischargeable Debts


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For reasons often beyond their control, many individuals and families find themselves in dire straits financially, unable to keep you up with their bills and faced with harassment from aggressive creditors. While bankruptcy may be your best option for a fresh start, it does not cover all forms of debt.

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Will Bankruptcy Discharge Your Debts?

While many forms of debt can be discharged through bankruptcy, including credit card debt, personal loan debt and medical debt, certain types of debt will not be discharged and must be paid even if you file for bankruptcy. The following are non-dischargeable debts in bankruptcy:
•    Taxes and tax penalties for each of the last three years
•    A debt obtained by fraud, false pretenses or false representation
•    Debts for luxury purchases of more than $500 within 90 days of your bankruptcy filing
•    Cash advances of $750 or more within 70 days of your bankruptcy filing
•    Alimony, separate maintenance and child support
•    Fines and penalties to a government entity
•    Student loans
We will work with you to explore your debt situation and determine if bankruptcy is right for you. If not, we can help you pursue other debt relief options such as loan modification and mortgage modification.

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