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Alimony Attorneys in NY

Alimony, now called “maintenance” in New York, may be granted to either spouse on a temporary or permanent basis. To ensure that you either pay or receive the proper amount of alimony in NY, it is best to have an attorney represent you. Our office in New Windsor has an established record of success.

The family law attorneys at Silver & Lesser represent people seeking or contesting spousal maintenance. We have experience in New York family law and divorce matters, and we are prepared to help you through this difficult time while protecting your rights. To schedule a consultation with an Orange County alimony lawyer, please call 845-562-9020 or contact us online.

Temporary and Permanent Spousal Maintenance

 A new law passed in October 2010 provides a formula for temporary spousal maintenance while a divorce is being litigated. In some cases, temporary maintenance can serve as a starting point for a determined maintenance granted after the divorce. However, permanent maintenance has been increasingly rare in recent years.

Currently, there is no set formula for determining the amount of permanent maintenance, but it is based on a number of factors, including income of both parties, ability of parties to be self-sufficient, standard of living during marriage, length of the marriage, age and health of both parties, and whether one party financially supported the education of the other.

By examining your finances and discussing the issues above, we can help you see how New York spousal maintenance guidelines will apply to you and your spouse. If you cannot come to an agreement via discussion or mediation, we can take the issue to court for you.

It may be possible to modify spousal support after the divorce is finalized. A significant change in the income, health, or other circumstances of either party may require an increase or decrease in spousal support payments. Speak with one of our attorneys if you need to request or fight a modification regarding alimony in NY.

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