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No-Fault Divorce


NYS No-Fault Divorce Lawyers

Helping Families Take Advantage of New York’s New No-Fault Laws

Amazingly, until October 2010, couples needed to accuse each other of something to divorce. Now, with new laws allowing for no-fault divorce, couples can file for divorce on grounds of irreconcilable differences and can focus on what’s important: coming to agreement on financial and custodial issues and the other practical matters that marriage and divorce involve.

If you are interested in pursuing a no-fault divorce in NYS, contact the New York no-fault divorce attorneys of Silver & Lesser, P.C. We:
•    Are experienced, having practiced family law in Orange County since 1965

The lawyers at Silver & Lesser, P.C. have 45-plus years of family and divorce law legal experience in the New Windsor area. Contact us at 845-562-9020.

Though the divorce process is now easier in New York in most instances, many steps need to be taken and many issues need to be addressed. Our legal knowledge and experience in advocating for clients’ rights mean we can work effectively toward your child custody, property division and child and spousal support goals.

Barry Silver and Sol Lesser have a combined 90 years of Family Law and Divorce experience inthe Hudson Valley area and New York State.