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Parental Alienation Divorce


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In the past few years, thousands of frustrated parents have been pleased and relieved to see the issue of parental alienation gain increased recognition in the U.S. Now, for example, when one parents moves out prior to or after a divorce and the other parents consistently badmouths that parents to their child, alienated parents know they have legal recourse.

Do you believe that your spouse or former spouse has purposely alienated you from your child to:
•    Gain influence over the child?
•    Win in a custody or visitation dispute?
•    Hurt you?
Contact the HUDSON VALLEY parental alienation divorce attorneys of Silver & Lesser, P.C. We have handled dozens of parental alienation cases in New Windsor and throughout communities in southeastern NYS and can provide experienced help.

The lawyers of Silver & Lesser, P.C., are experience litigators and family law attorneys who can provide knowledgeable assistance following parental alienation efforts. Contact us at 845-562-9020.

Parental alienation is a problem because it works. Good parents can be permanently alienated from their children due to negative comments from the other parents such as “I don’t understand why you want to visit him” or “He is a bum”. And parental alienation works legally as well as emotionally: once a child is effectively alienated from a parent, he or she will naturally choose to live with the other parent in a custody hearing.

We use a wide range of methods to prove that parental alienation occurred and that visitation and custody disputes were affected by inappropriate behavior on the part of a parent.

You do have rights regarding parental alienation. For more information, please contact us,