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Parental Rights


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Mothers are no longer presumed to have sole responsibility for raising children. More fathers are taking active roles in raising their children and seek to establish parental rights if they are not recognized as the child’s legal father.

We believe that both parents deserve to have their parental rights protected. Whether you are a mother or father who is seeking child custody, child support, or a paternity suit, we can help. The experienced family law attorneys at Silver & Lesser, P.C., understand how important your relationship with your child is. We have the knowledge and experience you need to establish your rights to your child.

Representing Mothers and Fathers

Unmarried parents often need legal representation to ensure that their rights and their children’s rights are protected. If a man is not legally recognized as a child’s father, he will need to establish rights to his child by proving paternity. Until this happens, he cannot file for visitation or custody. If a mother wants her child to receive child support, it cannot begin until paternity is legally established.

We make sure our clients get everything they are entitles to and that their rights are respected. In addition to paternity suits, our attorneys can assist you with issues such as:
•    Child custody
•    Visitation
•    Child support
•    Parental relocation
•    Termination of parental rights
Please speak with one our family law attorneys today about protecting your parental rights.

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