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Cases Won

Personal Injury Cases Won

happyDog Bite – Man bitten while heeding girlfriend’s order to grab her dog.
Verdict $202, 133
Actual $151, 600
In April 2008, the plaintiff was a bitten by a Doberman Pinscher that was owned by the plaintiff’s girlfriend. The plaintiff sustained injuries to his ankle and leg.
Injuries/damages ankle; crush injury, leg: debridement; decreased range of motion; edema; infection; lacerations; leg; paresthesia; physical therapy; scar and/or disfigurement; sutures.

Car Crash – Rear end accident multiple vehicles
Settlement $90,000
In April 2007, the plaintiff was driving on State Rout 28 in Kingston. While she was stopped in anticipation of a left turn, her vehicle’s rear end was struck by a trailing vehicle. The plaintiff claimed she suffered injuries of her hip and neck.
Injuries/damages decreased range of motion; fusion; cervical; herniated disc at C5-6; hip; physical therapy.

Workplace Injury – Electrician fell 20 feet when basket detached from forklift
Settlement $500,000
In January 2006, the plaintiff was working on a junction box that was attached to a rafter. The plaintiff entered a forklift’s basket and was elevated to the area. Before the plaintiff could begin his work, the forklift’s basket became detached and the plaintiff was plummeted about 20 feet. He suffered injuries of the head, ribs, shoulder and spine.
Injuries/damages asthma; aggravation of chest; comminuted fracture; concussion; dyspnea; fracture; clavicle; fracture displaced; fracture rib; fracture shoulder; transverse processes; hemothorax; respiratory distress; scar and or disfigurement.

Burn – tot burned when uncovered au jus sauce splashed
Settlement $575,000
In January 2006, the plaintiff and his family were at restaurant. The plaintiffs faced and left arm burned when a container of hot au jus splashed on him. The plaintiff sustained first and second degree burns.
Injuries/damages first-degree burns; keloid; scar and/or disfigurement, arm; second degree burns.

Construction – electrician fell into 2-foot hole in raised floor
Settlement $550,000
In October 2000, the plaintiff sustained injuries while installing ceiling wiring and smoke detectors on a job site. Workers had installed a raised floor of a top of a concrete slab. There was a 2 foot gap between the slab and the floor, and the floor did not snugly around a support column, thus creating a hole leading to the slab  below. The plaintiff stepped into the hole, causing him to fall to his knees.
Injuries/damages arthritis, traumatic; arthroscopy; loss of services; scar and/or disfigurement, knee; torn medical meniscus.

Construction Accident – Worker detached from safety harness and fell several feet
Settlement $535,000
In August 2005, the plaintiff was installing steel decking to a structure that was to become a gymnasium. While moving bundles of decking, the plaintiff fell from an elevated height and struck his knee. The plaintiff claimed that he sustained knee injuries.
Injuries/damages arthroscopy; chrondomalacia; decreased range of motion; knee; torn lateral meniscus; torn medical meniscus.   

Torts - firearms Man shot in the eye during geese-hunting outing
Settlement $250,000
The plaintiff sustained a gunshot wound to his left eye. The injury resulted in permanent loss of that eye’s vision.
Injuries/damages loss of services; vision, partial loss of vision.

Construction Accident
Settlement 1.5 Million dollars – an electrical inspector was hurt when a piece of wood fell from a scaffold.
Settlement $275,000 ironworker injured on the job when a crane operator negligently raised the boom knocking the injured party off a flatbed truck.